Debby Reuter Bike Thief

Debby Reuter Bike Thief

This is a copy of an email from my friends at Playa Bike Rentals. They asked me if I could get the word out about Debby Reuter or Deborah Reuter of Hamburg, Germany:

“Debby Reuter rented a bike from me in Playa Del Carmen and then informed me that the bike was stolen. She signed a rental agreement saying she would pay for the loss or theft of the bike but she refused to pay even though it was only $60. USD that I asked for and I offered her the rental for free. I tried to track her down with the police but she moved couchsurfing apartments or they were hiding her.

She is a dishonest person and I would advise anyone from arounds the world not to do business with her or she will try to steal from you. She is also a cheapskate who want s to travel the world as a couchsurfer and thief of bicycles and not pay for anything.”

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