Playa Del Carmen Crime. Is it a problem in 2017?

Playa Del Carmen Crime. Is it a problem in 2017?

Playa Del Carmen crime in general is not that scary compared to many other international cities so I guess it depends where you are from and what you are used to.  If you look at the 50 most dangerous cities in the world by murder rate you will see there are really not that many Mexican cities on the list and St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans all made the list. Cancun, which is now over a million people, has it’s share of murders and violence and this year Playa Del Carmen made national news with the Deadly Blue Parrot Shooting at the end of the BPM Festival. But compared to the drugs, violence, murders, and mayhem going on in other parts of the world Playa Del Carmen crime is still pretty mild with theft being the only large problem.

So that being said, theft is a huge frigging problem. Most of it is nonviolent, but they are pretty good at getting away with it. Home burglaries, muggings, purse snatching, fraud, theft from tourists in hotels and resorts, car break ins and bike theft are the most common. In fact, I am not surprised at all anymore when I hear new stories about bold thefts across the city. These motherfuckers are becoming very aggressive and have little or no fear of the police.

There are a few different factors driving the increase in theft and robberies in Playa:

1. Rising population of poor and desperate people moving to Playa from other parts of Mexico as the city continues to boom,  its not the cartel people or organized criminals . The cartels and organized crime likes tourism and rich foreigners moving here. It’s more customers for them for there drugs, prostitution and other legitimate businesses. They really mostly leave foreigners alone who are not involved with drugs and prostitution.

2. The Police are a corrupt joke here. They pay them nothing, they do nothing but drive around in their trucks with the lights flashing all the time. Some people say they are the cartel, or are controlled by them. In my opinion they are just another form of thieves they will sometimes capture a thief or drug dealer, beat him up a little,  steal whatever he has, throw him in jail for 36 hours and then let him go. I have had different apartments robbed 3 times since I have lived here and trust me these douchebags are not gonna do anything for you even if you know who robbed you. The reality is that in Mexico if somebody decides to take what you have nobody in the government or law enforcement is going to help you so its best to keep a low profile and plan on resolving it yourself or letting it go. The fuckers will even steal your license plates and hold them hostage till you go pay a ransom for them.

3. There’s a lot of wealth here. More and more dumb money has moved to the Mayan Riviera since every rich idiot wants to live in Paradise and open a business that never turns a profit but looks cool.

4. Stealing, Dishonesty and Cheating is part of the Mexican culture. The truth is, in general, it is more culturally acceptable for Mexicans to steal, lie and cheat than it is for Americans. In the culture of the United States, in general, we are rewarded for honesty, the police are respected, and the government is trusted. In Mexico they pretend to be honest but the core belief is if they get away with it they think are winning and they don’t feel guilty at all. They hate their police and military and distrust their government. In romantic relationships almost all Mexicans cheat on each other as well.

Don’t get me wrong I still love Playa but it’s Mexico dude you need to take security measures and keep your guard up or people will take advantage of you but don’t worry you’re not gonna get gunned down in front of the taco stand by the cartel.